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3 Ways Social Media Can Help Your Senior

If your senior parent requires elderly care help at home, especially if they may have mobility issues that prevent them from getting outside of their house as much as they would like to, we have compiled 3 ways that giving your senior access to social media may actually help them.


These include...


With so many aspects of your senior’s elderly care routine that can make them feel like they do not have control over their bodies or lives, giving them access to social media via a tablet or computer, can give them a sense of control and independence they might feel like they are missing. It can be difficult to come to terms with the fact that simple tasks and chores that seniors were once able to do without any thought are now more difficult, sometimes requiring total assistance from a caregiver or family member. Letting them create a life online where they can make connections and have control over their choices may help seniors feel less isolated and more independent at home.



Some seniors, especially those who may have complex medical issues or those who cannot leave their bed or their home can feel alone. There are support groups on social media sites for just about any issue you can think of, and joining a legitimate support group of peers going through the same struggles as your senior may help them to feel better about their situation as well as build relationships with people who know exactly what they are going through.

They may also even discover that letting outside help from a home care company come in and assist them with their elderly care routine at home is not that unusual and that there are many benefits they may not even realize.


Family connection.

For some families, children and grandchildren may be spread out over the country, or even internationally! Seniors may not be able to visit with their family as often as they would like, and with everyone having busy lives of their own, even families that are local often struggle to find time regularly to visit with their loved ones.

Having access to sites on social media allows families and seniors to remain connected, and for the senior in your life to feel included and like they are a part of their family member’s life. Being able to not only see pictures from life events that they cannot physically be a part of, such as births, birthdays, weddings, and other important milestones but also being able to comment and show their support is rewarding to them.

It’s also a way to communicate when picking up the phone or hearing issues limit a senior’s ability to keep in contact with loved ones.


If you have been hesitant to introduce your senior to social media, consider the above reasons for why it could actually benefit their happiness and well-being. With some supervision and support, and a little help, in the beginning, we think that introducing social media into your senior's elderly care routine can offer them a window to the outside world that they may be yearning for.


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