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Are You Hovering Over Your Family Member?

As your senior's caregiver, you definitely need and want to be there to help your senior family member.
But you might start to realize that you're hovering a bit over your aging adult and trying to do too much of what she doesn't need you to do. There are some solutions you can try.


Talk to Your Family Member about What She Wants

The first step is to talk to your senior about the type and the amount of help that she wants. Until you're aware of what she truly needs and wants, you might not be offering her exactly what the situation requires. Both you and your elderly family member have boundaries when it comes to caregiving and it's important to know where her boundaries are.


Consider Hiring Home Care Providers

So often caregivers aren't sure whether they're offering too much help or too little help. One way around this is to hire home care providers. Elder care providers have experience with helping seniors to deal with the new challenges in their lives. They can also help you to understand when it's okay to let your elderly family member live her life and when it's time to step in.


Remember Your Senior Is an Adult

One fact that caregivers sometimes forget a little is that their senior is an adult. When you're trying to take care of someone and do the best that you can for that person, it's easy to fall into a protective mindset. That might lead to accidentally infantilizing your elderly family member, though, and that's a problem. Remember that she has life experiences and is still an adult in charge of much of her life. Try to keep in mind how you would want to be treated.


Have This Conversation Sooner Rather than Later

It's best to have this kind of conversation with your aging adult sooner rather than later. She needs to know that you want to do the best thing for her and that you want to respect her wishes. It might be a conversation that you need to have a few times to get through the many layers of the topic.

Sometimes wanting the best for your aging adult means that you're helping a little more than you really should be. Stepping back can sometimes be best for you and for your aging adult. When she needs more help, she'll make sure that you're aware so that you can do whatever needs to be done.




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