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Cold Weather Skin Care Ideas

Cooler weather might not bring sunburns, but there are plenty of other issues that your senior’s skin might be facing during the winter months, like dryness and chapping. These tips can help your senior’s skin to remain as healthy as possible, even when the cold weather is raging.

Switch out Sheets and Blankets More Often

If your senior has sensitive skin or is prone to itchiness, it might be a good idea to swap out her linens and blankets a little more frequently during colder weather. Skin cells shed overnight and they can make your senior’s skin feel less comfortable. By clearing those out of the bed more often, you also reduce the risk that bacteria can build up and become a problem.

Watch the Hot Water

Hot showers and baths might feel wonderful when it’s cold outside, but if that water is too hot it can actually dry out your senior’s skin more. What’s much better for her skin is to use slightly cooler water and to only stay in the tub or the shower stall for as long as she truly needs to in order to get clean. Staying too long might make her skin more irritated.

Dry Skin Carefully and Add Lotion to Her Routine

When she’s ready to dry off after that bath or shower, drying her skin too much can cause irritation and create potential problems. Encourage her to pat her skin mostly dry without completely drying off. This might be easier if you or home care providers are helping her with her showering. Gently pat the skin dry and then apply a light lotion to her skin. That allows moisture to lock into her skin, where she needs it.

Add a Humidifier into the Mix

Humidifiers add moisture back into the air, which is a definite need during colder weather. Humidity levels are naturally lower when it’s cooler outside, and then using central heating, space heaters, and fireplaces lower the humidity even more. That can make your senior’s skin feel incredibly dry even if she’s well-hydrated and taking care of her skin.


With a humidifier, the air won’t feel quite as dry.

Pay attention to what your senior’s skin is telling you. If you’re doing all the right things and her skin is still dry, she might not be drinking enough fluids. Also, if you notice wounds or injuries to her skin, talk to her doctor right away.


Senior Care providers can help with bathing and reducing the dryness by applying lotions and setting up humidifiers. Call a home care agency today to find out about availability.


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