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Connecting Through Cooking... Ratatouille Style.

Over the years in home care, I've had many experiences through the magic of being a Home Health Aide!! And this personal Ratatouille story is one of them.


This is how valuable is the role of a Home Health Aide in a Senior's life.


As an active aide, I had the opportunity to meet a client that unfortunately was not able to stand for long periods of time. He was showing some signs of depression, frustration, and sadness. After a few visits, I asked him to share with me what was affecting him so much to better understand what was making him so sad. He entrusted to me that because of his condition, he could not do what he loved the most: COOKING!!!

I told him that I was sorry for his condition and problem but on our next visit, I was going to have a surprise for him! His eyes opened wide and his demeanor changed immediately.

The next day, I showed up dressed as a chef!!! And I told him that from now on, he was going to cook again... through me!

(Disclaimer: This is not me in the picture.)

I was excited to try this experience to help cheer him up, but there was just one huge problem: I wasn't much of a cook myself. If I could boil some eggs, that was a lot. But he replied, "That is not a problem, I will guide you!" And right then, we started cooking. Rather, he started cooking. Hiis life was different now. Over time, I could see the change in him. I could see that he was happy again. Through him sharing his talent with and through me, he had a purpose again.

SIt wasn't just my client who gained from this experience. After many cooking sessions, I became an expert at the culinary art. And, in true proxy chef fashion, thanks to my client, I learned how to guessed... RATATOUILLE!

If you're a home care aide or considering it as a career, this is how important YOU are!!! Home health aides provide and create life-changing moments like the one I experienced with my client.

My name is Fernando Reinoso, I am the Founder and CEO of Shore HomeCare Services and I am inviting you to apply with my company. We want special people, and you are special.

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