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Does Your Senior Have What It Takes to Volunteer?

Volunteering can be one of the best ways to get seniors involved in the community and boost their quality of life.
Often elderly adults feel as though they are no longer relevant, or that they can't make a difference in the world around them. Getting involved in volunteer opportunities takes away these feelings and helps your parent to experience a stronger sense of importance, value, and engagement with others.

As a family caregiver, however, you may worry that your parent's challenges and limitations are too extensive for them to be able to volunteer effectively. This makes it very important for you to evaluate their needs and limitations and helps them determine if volunteering is something they can safely and effectively do on a regular basis.


Some things to keep in mind when determining if your parent has what it takes to volunteer include:


Passion and heart. The most important thing your parent needs in order to volunteer is the passion to help others or make a difference in the world around them. With this determination and care, they can positively impact many people even as they struggle with their own challenges.

Cognitive ability. Your parent should have the cognitive ability to understand what they are doing and why and to be able to follow the instructions of the specific project or opportunity they have chosen so they can participate effectively. Even if your senior is struggling with a cognitive functioning decline, however, they may still be able to enjoy favorite crafts, such as crocheting, that can be used for a volunteer opportunity such as making blankets for those in need.

Physical ability. When considering different volunteer opportunities, it is important to consider the physical demands of volunteering and compare them to your parent's abilities. For example, they may need to be able to stand for long stretches, walk around, crouch down, lift, or reach. They may also need stamina and energy. You should also take into consideration their exposure to others and how germs might impact their ongoing health



Senior care is not just for the extreme elderly or those struggling with serious health problems and limitations.

While care can be exceptionally beneficial for those seniors, even if your elderly loved one is dealing with only mild to moderate needs, mobility or other issues, or has recently been ill, the highly personalized care of a senior home care services provider can make a tremendous difference in their life. Senior care is about helping your parent live a life they desire and deserve, which means giving them care and support that addresses them as a whole individual.

Rather than just helping them to manage their health problems, mobility needs, and other issues, this care is designed to support your senior's independence and autonomy, help them stay active, and encourage a more fulfilling and meaningful lifestyle as they age in place. When it comes to volunteering, this care provider can offer transportation, mobility support, and encouragement that helps them to find volunteer opportunities that are meaningful to them and get as involved as they can.


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