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Does Your Senior Still Enjoy Cooking?

Cooking is a fun hobby and it pays off with delicious meals. Your senior might still enjoy cooking, but she could feel less safe in the kitchen. These tips can help her to continue to cook safely for a little while longer.

Remove Kitchen Clutter, if Possible

Kitchen clutter can be a massive problem for your aging family member, especially when you’re talking kitchen safety. Remove anything that could possibly trip her, even if this means picking up throw rugs that match the kitchen’s décor. Add a stool to give her somewhere to rest. You might also want to consider rearranging the kitchen so that she’s able to get to frequently used items more readily.

Refrigerator Safety Is a Big Deal

Leftovers can be tasty until they outlast their expiration date. If your senior is a stickler for not wasting food, you might need to add checking her refrigerator to your list of things to do regularly. Make sure that anything old or problematic gets tossed. It’s also a good idea to use a refrigerator thermometer in your senior’s fridge. That can help you verify that the settings are accurate and that her food is kept at proper temperatures.

Help Your Senior Out with Labels and Timers

Timers and labels are excellent to have on hand because they allow your senior to keep track of what she’s cooked, how long a particular dish still needs in the oven, and so much more. If she’s got raw ingredients that she’s using in multiple dishes, it helps to label those so she can keep track of them. If she’s cooking to freeze, proper labeling ensures she uses the food before it goes bad.

Automatic Shut-off Knobs and Appliances Work Well

Memory issues might make cooking more difficult for your senior, but they won’t necessarily keep her out of the kitchen. What might, however, is feeling unsafe because she’s left a burner on. Some appliances have an option for automatic shut-off after a certain amount of time, but there are also after-market accessories that can do the same thing.


Helping your senior continue to do the things she’s always loved to do, like cooking, is a huge part of ensuring she remains as independent as she wants to be. It might be a good idea to support your senior with additional help, such as from home care providers so that she’s able to keep cooking what she wants as long as she wants to do so.

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