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Five Types of Assistive Devices for a Senior with Arthritis

Canes and Walking Tools

Canes and other walking tools, like braces and walkers, can give your elderly family member the support that she needs in order to walk safely. This is especially important if she has arthritis in her hips or knees because those joints can have trouble supporting her weight when they’re in great pain.


Reachers and Grabbers

For some people with arthritis, reaching up for something or actually grasping an item is almost impossible. Extending your senior’s reach with the aid of a grabber or a reacher allows her to safely access items that she is trying to access. Sometimes it takes some practice to get used to these kinds of assistive tools.


Dressing Tools

Tiny zippers and buttons that weren’t a problem in the past can become one for a senior who has arthritis. It might also be difficult for your elderly family member to bend over and put on socks or shoes. Buttoning tools, zipper assists, and sock assistance devices can all help your senior to continue to get dressed on her own, which is an important part of maintaining her independence.


Knob and Faucet Turners

If your senior has arthritis in her hands and wrists, her grip strength may not be what it needs to be in order for her to turn faucet knobs and door knobs. That can be frustrating and even dangerous in some circumstances. Turners that fit over knobs allow your elderly family member to use reduced grip strength in order to operate a variety of objects safely and easily.


Key Turners

Key turners fit over a key and allow your elderly family member to grasp something larger than a tiny key. This relieves pressure on her joints and gives her a better opportunity to quickly and efficiently operate just about any key. Some are made of soft, squishy materials that feel good in her hand and give her better leverage.

Senior care providers can be another type of assistive tool for your elderly family member. They can take over some of the tasks which have become too difficult for her to do on her own now. They can also help to spot additional areas which are giving your senior trouble so that you can put solutions in place for her.


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