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Four Important Things to Consider When it Comes to Exercise and Your Senior

If your elderly family member is finally ready to start exercising a little more often, there are some things that she and you need to know in order to do this the right way. Safety is the most important factor overall, and from there you can build a plan that works for her.


She Needs to Remember Safety Tips

Staying safe is the very most important thing about exercise for your senior. Assuming that her doctor has given her the all-clear to exercise, she needs to approach each type of exercise as safely as possible. Working with a physical therapist or even a personal trainer can help her to learn the safest ways to do any exercises that she’s planning on starting.

There Are Four Main Categories of Exercise

If your senior is seeking a well-rounded approach to exercise, she will do well to pull activities from each of those four categories. She’ll want to do exercises that cover strength training, cardio, balance, and flexibility. It is important to note, though, that those activities don’t have to be intense or complicated to give her benefits. Walking, for instance, can help with flexibility, balance, and cardio.

Being Consistent Is Better Than Speed

What really matters when your senior is exercising more often is for her to be consistent. That’s much more valuable than having intense workouts a couple of times a month. By sticking with an exercise routine for longer than a couple of weeks, your senior will start to see bigger results. A little bit more activity consistently is going to give her what she needs.

Know What the Signs of Trouble Are

If your elderly family member has health issues, it’s vital to know what to look for as a sign of trouble as she exercises. Talk to your senior’s doctor about what you need to be on the lookout for and what might indicate that she’s having bigger troubles than either of you realized. Depending on her health, there may be some red flags that she needs to watch for, even when she is at rest after exercising.

Exercise can do so much to help your senior to age in place and to feel more independent. If she’s worried about not having the energy to exercise, consider hiring elder care providers. They can take over some tasks for your senior, freeing her up to focus on her health.



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