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Four Reasons You Might Be Avoiding Making a Self-care Plan

If you’ve been dodging the idea of making your own self-care plan, you might need to address why you’re doing so. When you understand what your motivations are behind not doing something, you can find a way to start doing that thing. In terms of starting up a self-care plan, this means that you’ll work around the excuses you’ve been making.


You Might Choose Not to Be a Caregiver

So many caregivers get scared to really examine anything around caregiving because they might see signs that they should step away from caregiving. You can always choose not to be a caregiver and there might be a time when you should do that. But if you’re avoiding self-care because you’re worried you might step away from caregiving, you may already be at that point.


Asking for Help Is Scary

It is really difficult to ask for help. Part of formulating a self-care plan involves asking for help with the aspects that you can’t do yourself. You might need someone to stay with your senior, for instance, or you might need help in other ways. Regardless, this puts you in a vulnerable position that might feel too uncomfortable for you to proceed.


Doing Too Much Is Just What You Do

Of course, if you’ve been doing this for a while, you might be used to doing too much. That can be a problem, though. You can only push yourself so far for so long before you get close to burning out. If your argument is that you’re used to continuing to do a lot for the people in your life, you’re most at risk from not having a self-care plan.


You Worry You’re Going to Look Selfish

Self-care is not selfish, but it can feel that way if you’ve been ignoring it for long enough. You know that your goal as a caregiver is to take care of others, but it’s also to take care of you. If you continue to ignore your own needs, that can take you out of caregiving altogether and that might make you feel even more selfish in the long run.


Self-care plans feel like they might be too much at first, but they’re really a way for you to see when you’re doing right by yourself and when you’re not. As a caregiver, it’s crucial that you have a plan for taking the best care possible of both yourself and your senior family member.

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