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Four Things to Do Right Now if You’re Beyond Tired

When someone does as much in a day as a caregiver does, that can leave you feeling exhausted more often than not. But if you’re feeling sluggish and tired, there might be a good reason that you can fix easily. Usually, you need water, food, or rest unless there’s more going on in other ways.


Drink a Glass of Water

When you’re dehydrated, the first thing you might notice is being really tired, even if you’ve gotten plenty of rest. If you don’t have the option to slow down or to take a nap, then grab a glass of water and drink it down. After a full 8-ounce glass of water, you might start to notice you’re feeling a little refreshed. Sip another glass and reassess. Proper hydration can help you to avoid having those big energy slumps.


Eat Something Energizing

If you forgot to drink water, you might have forgotten to eat something healthy, too. Lots of caregivers eat standing up while rushing to handle one task or another. If that sounds familiar, you need to eat something that can boost your energy. Some foods to consider might be nuts, cheeses, and fresh fruit. Mixing and matching these foods can give you protein and carbohydrates that you need to keep going.


Tag Someone Else In

There’s nothing that says when you’re exhausted you have to be the one to keep pushing. What if what you really needed was some rest? Tag in some elder care providers and give yourself a much-needed break. You might take a nap or even just do something restful that allows you to recharge. The key is that your body is letting you know it needs downtime.


Talk to Your Own Doctor

Finally, if you’re doing all the right things and you’re still exhausted all the time, there might be more going on. The human body is a finely tuned machine and if one little system is off or needs to be tweaked, that can create havoc for you. Rule out any underlying medical causes for how you’re feeling so that you can start healing if that’s necessary.

Taking better care of yourself as a caregiver is going to go a long way toward helping you to be the caregiver you most want to be. If you’re experiencing more fatigue than usual, that’s your body letting you know that you need to rest more.



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