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How Can Your Senior Find Exercise She Can Enjoy?


You might have finally won your senior over to the idea that she does need to move a little more often, but now what is she going to do? Finding exercise that she enjoys makes it far more possible that she's going to stick with this new plan.


Look at Her Interests

If your elderly family member is going to enjoy exercising, it needs to match up with her other interests, especially if exercise is not one of her interests. So take a look at whether she enjoys music, nature, or pets. All of these are easy to work into an exercise plan if they fit your senior's wants and interests. She might be interested in branching out and trying new things if they're even tangentially related to other interests of hers.


Does She Need Distraction?

Some people need distractions to be able to work out more than a couple of minutes at a time. If that's the case for your senior, then combining one or two other activities with exercise can be helpful. She might use commercials to do serious stretches, for instance, and watch her favorite show in between. If she's someone who can handle reading while she's moving, she might find that she gets some great reading in while she's riding a stationary bike.

If She's Social, Group Activities Work Well

Exercise classes, especially groups that meet regularly and have a core group of participants, can be a lot of fun. This is particularly the case if your elderly family member enjoys spending time with other people while she exercises. Water aerobics is a great example of this. Other group activities, like mall walking groups, can help your elderly family member to meet other people with whom she might share other interests, too.


Encouragement Might Mean Working with a Trainer

Some people need a little bit more help finding the right exercise for them. They might also need some specific encouragement and that's when working with a trainer at a gym might be good at least for a little while. Your senior might find that having hands-on guidance helps her to determine what she does and doesn't want in her exercise plan.


No matter what type of exercise she's doing or whether she's staying at home or not, your senior might benefit from having home care providers around while she's exercising. That ensures that someone is there if something should happen. Also, they can handle the driving if she's headed somewhere else to work out.



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