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How Home Care Can Help Older Adults After a Heart Attack

Life after a heart attack can be frightening and difficult for older adults. They may worry that they will have another heart attack or that they won’t be able to do all the things they once did. They may even fear losing their independence because of disability. However, that doesn’t have to happen. Home care can assist seniors who have a heart attack to continue to recover at home as well as complete the tasks needed to live independently at home. Below are a few of the ways that home care can help older adults after a heart attack.

Drive to Cardiac Rehab
After having a heart attack, your aging relative may not be able to drive. That can make getting to cardiac rehab difficult. That’s a problem because cardiac rehab is an extremely important part of the recovery process. A cardiac rehab program helps the senior to get better faster and learn ways they can prevent a second heart attack. A home care provider can make sure the older adult is able to go to their cardiac rehab appointments by offering transportation to and from the rehab facility.


Medication Reminders
After having a heart attack, the older adult’s medications may change or new ones might be added. The changes can throw off their normal routine, making it harder for them to remember when it’s time to take medications. Although a home care provider cannot give the senior their medicines, they can remind them when it is time to take them. They can also monitor the older adult to ensure they take the right amount and don’t accidentally take a dose twice because they’ve forgotten they took it already.


Encouraging Exercise
Exercise can be a little scary after a heart attack because the senior may worry the physical activity will trigger another heart attack. However, exercise is an important part of recovering and improving heart health. Having a home care provider standing by while they exercise can allow your aging relative to feel safer and more comfortable, encouraging them to exercise more.


Prepare Heart Healthy Meals
Lots of older adults have difficulty cooking for themselves or just don’t enjoy cooking for one. That can keep them from eating a heart-healthy diet. Instead, they might choose easy to prepare processed foods or take out meals that aren’t healthy. A home care provider can cook meals using fresh ingredients, following the recommendations of the senior’s health care team for a healthy diet.


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