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Readying Your Parent's Home and Yourselves to Sell Your Parent's Home  


Selling your parent's home can be a difficult decision, but for many elderly adults, it is just another step in the aging process.

They may have physical challenges that make the home less safe and accessible, they may struggle with cognitive challenges that reduce safety, they may have financial needs for the move, or they simply may want to transition into living in a smaller home or with you. Whatever the reason, if you are preparing to sell your parent's home, it is critical that the home and the people involved are properly readied for the experience. This will make it smoother and less overwhelming, and can also hasten the sale.


Use these tips to ready your parent's home and yourselves to sell your parent's home:

-Rather than jumping right into the process, take some time to talk about it. Confront the emotions that arise and work through them together. It is important to acknowledge that this may be a difficult time, but reaffirm you are in it together and will get through it

-Find meaningful ways to commemorate the time spent in the home. This is especially important if your parent lived in this home for a long time and you have a strong connection to it. Take pictures of the home, the lawn, and the various rooms. Record images or even video of important features such as measurements of children from the family on the wall or special details your family added. Include yourselves in the pictures so they can be added along with other pictures of the home to albums or scrapbooks

-Clean the home out completely and consider investing in a professional deep clean to create the freshest impression

-Consider painting the entire interior of the home in neutral colors, such as white or cream. This creates an approachable appearance that makes it easier for others to imagine themselves living in the home. It can also have the effect of making it look like your parent's home, which can help with both of you moving forward

-Keep focusing on the benefits of the move. When facing the emotional challenges that can come with this move, remind yourself why your senior is moving in the first place and the benefits it will give both of you. This can help make dealing with the emotions less daunting and painful

-Go through the home with fresh eyes and identify as many features as possible to highlight when listing the property. Look for things that make the home particularly appealing, unique, or functional that may be useful or attractive to future buyers


Even if your parent has come to live with you, home care can still be a valuable part of their regular routine. An in-home senior care services provider offers support and assistance designed to help your parent manage their challenges and limitations, fulfill their needs, and pursue a high quality of life as they age. When they are living with you, this personalized care supports boundaries, gives flexibility to your schedule, preserves your relationship with your parent, and encourages them to maintain more independence. This care enables you to delegate specific tasks or to set aside specific days or hours where a care provider can be with your parent. This eases your stress and keeps the arrangement as healthy and beneficial for both of you as possible.

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